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Maybe It's Time to Bring Frank Bruni Back

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In the week since Sam Sifton announced his eventual departure as Times restaurant critic to join the national desk, there has been much speculation, as there always is at times like this, as to who the new critic should and will be. Will they promote from within, get a superstar outsider, import a talented food writer from a smaller market? For what it's worth, we're hearing Brett Anderson from the NOLA Times-Picayune is a front runner.

But here's a proposal, floated in an Eater poll last week: just bring back Frank. He did the job and he did it well. Who cares if he's moved on, if he's happy with the politics and culture beat, if he's known to restaurateurs and his face is everywhere? Bring him back, at least for the interim to spice things up a bit. Remember, Brun is a master of disguises.

Back when Bruni quit, there was a Facebook group to bring back Biff Grimes. It's only fitting to start one for Bruni. It's here for Frank fanatics. Haters can stick to the Eater comments.
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