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The Top 10 Restaurant Scenes From Woody Allen's Movies

Restaurants are where Woody Allen's characters go to gossip, argue, scheme, and sometimes, fall in love. He's featured a number of classic old New York establishments in his films, many of which now only exist on celluloid. Here's a look back at 10 great dining scenes from Woody's movies.

10) John's of Bleecker Street in Manhattan: Over lunch at this classic pizzeria, Woody Allen's character Isaac finds out that his 17-year-old girlfriend (Mariel Hemingway) just got accepted to a university in London. In other parts of the film, they go to some very adult places (Elaine's), and some not-so-adult places (a soda fountain). John's of Bleecker Street seems like a good fit.:

9) Pete's Clam Stop in Annie Hall: There aren't very many restaurant scenes in Allen's most popular film, Annie Hall. But, Alvy Singer does have a flashback to his childhood days on the Brooklyn shore, where he is shown running from a boardwalk seafood shack. This is probably Pete's Clam Stop on West 15th Street and Surf Ave, which used to sit right next to the Thunderbolt roller coaster.:

8) Gino in Mighty Aphrodite: Before the main characters of Mighty Aphrodite meet the downtown prostitute that will change their lives, they have a nice, civilized meal with their friends at charming Upper East Side Italian restaurant Gino. It shuttered last year to make way for Sprinkles.:

7) Horn & Hardart in Radio Days: This popular automat chain makes a cameo in Allen's excellent coming of age comedy Radio Days, which is set in the 1940s. In the clip, Woody's alter ego is taken to Manhattan by his aunt and her suitor, for what he calls "one of the best days I ever had." They have lunch in what looks like the Horn & Hardart location at 6th Avenue and 35th Street. That branch closed in the 1970s, but this scene might have been shot at the Horn & Hardart on 42nd and Third Ave, which shuttered in 1991.:

6) The Russian Tea Room in Manhattan: During an afternoon of male bonding, Isaac takes his son to The Russian Tea Room. Back in the '70s the restaurant was something of an entertainment industry hangout, and apparently, a great place to meet beautiful women.:

5) '21' Club in Manhattan Murder Mystery: In the middle of the film, Larry (Woody Allen) and Carol (Diane Keaton) take a break from sleuthing to celebrate their son's birthday at the famous '21' Club in Midtown. Here they also meet Marcia (Angelica Houston), a mystery writer that has a dinner date with their friend Ted (Alan Alda).:

4) Lanza's in Manhattan Murder Mystery: And here's the dinner date, filmed at Lanza's in the East Village. With the help of a few glasses of wine, Larry, Carol, Ted, and Marcia crack the murder case. The waiters wonder what the hell they're talking about (note: big-time spoilers):

3) Carnegie Deli in Broadway Danny Rose: The story of legendary borscht belt talent manager Danny Rose is introduced by a group of comedians having dinner at Carnegie Deli.:

2) Cafe Carlyle in Hannah and Her Sisters: Allen's character Mickey recalls a date that he had with his ex-wife's sister, Holly (Dianne Wiest). In the flashback, she takes him to a punk show at CBGB, and he takes her to listen to some jazz at Cafe Carlyle.

1) Elaine's in Manhattan: As many noted when Elaine's closed earlier this year, the Upper East Side bar and restaurant was an amazing place to have dinner and drinks, even though the food was terrible and the cocktails were outrageously expensive. Elaine's was where people went to rub shoulders with movie stars and authors, get a little drunk, and feel like a VIP. And that's exactly what Allen's character Isaac Davis does in the opening scene of Manhattan.:

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