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Philippe Eyes Chicago; Lamb Jam Masters Hits NY

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CHICAGO— Philippe Chow is shopping around for a restaurant space in Chicago. He already owns Philippes in New York, Miami, LA, and Mexico City. [Eater Chicago]

RAT ISLAND— Any restaurateurs out there looking for the new New York frontier? Look no further than Rat Island, a 2.5-acre parcel between City Island and Hart's Island in the Bronx. Put a beach and a burger stand on that thing, start a ferry service, and you have a new hotness on your hands. [Curbed NY]

MIDTOWN— On Monday, September 26 from 5 PM until they run out, Morrell Wine Bar & Cafe in Rockefeller Center will be serving $1 oysters and free tastes of Chablis. Subsequent glasses after the free taste are 2-for-1. [EaterWire]

HUDSON SQUARE—This Saturday, the American Lamb Board and Share Our Strength are throwing Lamb Jam Masters, a competition event pitting chefs from Boston, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC against one another in a lamb battle at City Winery. $50 tickets include lots of lamb, beverages, and some fun spectating. [EaterWire]
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