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The New York Dining and Nightlife Crossword Puzzle

[Click here to enlarge]

4) French food fest coming to NYC this fall
8) Celebrated Park Slope Italian restaurant
9) Kin Shop chef Harold ___________
10) New gelato cafe from Emma Hearst
13) German beer garden with locations in Williamsburg and the LES
14) The best Italian sandwiches on Sullivan Street

1) Ambitious new Tribeca Korean restaurant
2) Recently closed cafe where Jonathan Larson wrote Rent
3) Steve Hanson's forthcoming Japanese restaurant
4) New West Village project from the Highlands team
6) Jonathan Waxman's 1980s hot spot
7) Michael Psilaksis's most popular NYC restaurant
11) Paul Grieco's wine bar

Check back tomorrow evening, when we'll post the answers.

Update: Click here for the answers