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La Petite Auberge, Meridiana, La Fonda Boricua All Close

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1) Midtown: According to this Chowhound thread and the restaurant's website, La Petite Auberge, an anonymous 35 year-old French restaurant and Who Goes There vet, is closing on October 8. The owners write, "It has been our privilege to serve you and we look forward to toasting with you one last time," and promise a celebratory glass of champagne at the end of the meal to all who come to say goodbye. [ShutterWire]

2) Williamsburg: Per a tipster: "I have a sneaking suspicion that Papa Lima on Bedford Avenue & South 4th Street has closed. It hasn't been open the past few times I walked by when it should have been." There have been no answers to phone calls. File under vague and suspected shutter. [ShutterWire]

3) Upper West Side: My Upper West learns that 20 year-old Italian restaurant Meridiana, on 2756 Broadway, between 105th and 106th streets, is shuttering soon. [MUW]

4) Harlem: The Daily News reports that 16 year-old Puerto Rican restaurant and neighborhood staple La Fonda Boricua closed in early August and is greatly missed by the community. [NYDN]

5) Upper West Side: Multiple readers report that Sushi A-Go-Go on Broadway across from Lincoln Center was seized on Thursday due to unpaid taxes. It's unclear whether or not it will reopen, but sometimes restaurants are able to pull through after a situation like this. [ShutterWire]

La Petite Auberge

116 Lexington Ave., New York, NY