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A Photo Tour of La Mar Cebicheria, Opening On Monday

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On Monday, the one space that restaurateur Danny Meyer couldn't make work will come back to life as the ghost of Tabla makes way for La Mar Cebicheria, the first New York location of an international chain of high-end Peruvian restaurants. The official opening of the restaurant from South American celeb chef Gastón Acurio has long been set for Tuesday but the restaurant is currently taking reservations for September 19 and beyond at 212-612-3388.
Running the show in New York is Victoriano Lopez, a chef who worked alongside Acurio for almost two decades, and he will serve a menu of seafood-oriented Peruvian specialties including cebiche, anticuchos, and larger plates. The menu is still being finalized but small dishes like fishermen escabeche, blue shrimp in a sweet potato crust, and warm water fluke with corn and yam range from $12 - 14. The San Francisco menu may be a handy guide for the time being.

As for the design of the space—which looks kind of like Tabla but with blue chairs and modernist chandeliers—that's all Stephanie Goto, the architect who oversaw the looks of Aldea and Corton. She installed a "rain chandelier" inside the oculus, created a "texture wall" out of 8,000 kernels of Peruvian corn, and made another "cloud chandelier" out of suspended corn for the upper level dining room. Check out a video of Goto explaining her design here. And as always, make sure to send early thoughts this way. The menu will be added when it's available.

La Mar Cebicheria
11 Madison Avenue, Flatiron District

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La Mar Cebicheria

11 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010 (212) 612-3388