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Nightlife's Winners and Losers of New York Fashion Week

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New York Fashion Week is coming to an end, and while the clothes are more important to most, it is also a very important week for nightlife venues whose self worth is based on how many parties they host. But there is only so much room at the top of the heap, so while some go up, others unfortunately went down.

THE ELECTRIC ROOM— Nur Khan may have eaten some humble pie after Don Hill's failed so miserably, but the nightlife veteran is back on top with his big opening of the Electric Room in the basement of the Dream Downtown. The space soft opened at the beginning of Fashion Week and was able to draw attention as one of the few new places to open for the season. It attracted many of the A-list celebrities from the Strategic Tao Group machine that were looking for a more intimate setting. He even got Amy Sacco to show up.

BOOM BOOM ROOM— We've said it before, and we'll say it again. Le Room de Boom is the king of New York Fashion Week and it's not changing anytime soon. The Standard hosted the Fendi O music series, Purple Magazine party and finished things off with a shindig for V Magazine last night. So while new spots come and go, the Boom remains good as gold.

PULQUERIA— Heather and Chris Tierney's newest venture has been holding off on opening for months so they could open with a bang during Fashion Week. While it didn't attract lots of big events, they did manage to snag the event for Another Magazine and open while their ex-partner plead guilty to a violation in court. That makes them winners in our book, although they do lose points for telling the NY Times that "we want to be a Fashion Week headquarters." A bit on the nose, no?

HIRO BALLROOM— With Don Hill's done and Rose Bar no longer available, the folks that like to host music events had to find somewhere to do it, so the Hiro Ballroom stepped up. This may provide some momentum for that much discussed partner that owners Eric Goode and Sean Macpherson are looking for. Expect some news in the next few months.


MISTER H— Remember this place? Neither does anyone else. The Mondrian's nightlife venue went all out in February during their launch, but except for a Neon Indian show that was supposed to be on the hotel's roof, Mister H barely registered this week. It's not too much of a surprise, since the club benefited from being the only new kid on the block in February and hasn't been heard from all summer. Could there be changes afoot?

THE JANE BALLROOM— The guys that oversee the place have moved on to their new baby, Westway, and the doorman that kept things running on a nightly basis just took a job at the Dream Downtown, so the Jane is kind of running on auto pilot right now. It's not necessarily a bad thing, it just means that you shouldn't expect too much from her anymore.

LE BARON— Enough said.
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