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Fire Loving Albert Trummer Pleads Guilty And Gets Off Easy

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Mixologist and fire loving barkeep Albert Trummer plead guilty yesterday to disorderly conduct, ending a saga that began 15 months ago when he was arrested at Apotheke by FDNY investigators for allegedly smashing two bottles of Sambuca on the bar and setting it all on fire. Trummer had promised to vigorously fight the charges, which could have netted him two years in prison if he was found guilty. Luckily for Trummer, his lawyer or some other confidante showed him the stupidity of that logic and showed him the wisdom of taking a deal that only required him to plead guilty to a simple violation, thus allowing him to stay involved in the running of his lounges. Trummer will have to serve two days of community service, and tells the City Room that he would like to "teach the Fire Department about the flammability of different alcohols". They would definitely appreciate that.

Trummer also says that his battle with Heather Tierney over Apotheke rages on in court, and that his main focus now is Theater Bar.
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