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La Esquina Neighbors Sue New York Over License Renewal

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Neighborhood association the Friends of Petrosino Square has sued that State of New York after the State Liquor Authority chose to renew La Esquina's liquor license rather than kowtow to the complaints of some NIMBY's. Head NIMBY and chief rabble rouser of the Friends of Petrosino Square Georgette Fleischer has been engaged in a several year war to get La Esquina shut down and briefly had a moment of glory in 2010 when she convinced the Dept. of Buildings to temporarily shutter the Mexican hot spot, although the restaurant was able to quickly reopen.

Following that setback, Fleischer and her cohorts circled June 2011 on their calendars as the date when the eatery's liquor license would finally expire and they could try to shut it down for good. But the joke was on them when the SLA renewed the license despite the overblown concerns of Community Board 2, which begged someone to please think of the children. This lawsuit alleges that La Esquina "chronically abuses its privileges" by allowing loud crowds to drink all day and Mariachi bands during soccer games. We presume they are referring to a World Cup party, but it's hard to presume much when you are dealing with these folks. Expect this case to be settled quickly when a judge tosses this frivolous suit.
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La Esquina

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La Esquina

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