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Pizzeria 900 Degrees Sputters Out After Just Four Months

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The ears of bi-coastal pizza snobs around the city perked up at the news this spring that Bruno DiFabio and Tony Gemignani, owners of the famed Tony's Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco were opening a new pizzeria called 900 Degrees in the West Village. It opened in May with the hook of selling four different styles of pizza—Neapolitan, Roman, Sicilian, and "tomato pies"—all made in a 900 degree oven, and the pizza critics mostly liked it.

Too bad it didn't last longer. Over the past couple of weeks, tipsters have written in to note the restaurant has been dark night after night (a Yelper also notices) and calls only go to a full voicemail box. Chairs sit up on the tables, liquor bottles fill the bar, unread mail piles up on the counter. One reader chalks it up to a cursed location, noting that "$18,000 in monthly rent, and a neighborhood over saturated with pizza joints" didn't help things. Says another, "The pizza was good. The service and atmosphere was atrocious. The staff seemed like they all didn't make the cut for the Jersey Shore auditions, and played obnoxiously loud fist pumping dance music regardless of how empty the drab and depressingly decorated dining room was." Of course this could be an unannounced and extended pre-fall vacation, but that doesn't sound incredibly likely for a four month-old restaurant.
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900 Degrees

29 7th Ave. South, New York, NY

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