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30 Year-Old Life Cafe Closed 'Until Further Notice'

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According to a note on its website, pointed out by EV Grieve, 30 year-old East Village staple Life Cafe on Avenue B and 10th Street right near Tompkins Square Park is closed until further notice. Owner Kathy Kirkpatrick writes that she is doing it because the landlord has refused to make long promised repairs to the building, and "Until the landlords complete the repairs, I will remain closed." It's unclear what staff are going to do until then, but she writes that she hopes there will be a rebirth of the cafe "sometime in the near future."

Life is well known as the place where Jonathan Larson wrote "Rent," and it made a cameo in the 2005 film version of the play. Locally, it's known as a holdout of another era in the life of the East Village. Life Cafe's nine year-old Bushwick location is still alive and well.

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Life Cafe

343 East 10th St., New York, NY