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Phoenix Stays Gay But With A Fresh Coat of Paint

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Last month came news that the popular East Village gay bar the Phoenix had been sold to new owners and that they were considering making the bar less gay centric. The new owners are now in place and they have decided to keep things as gay as ever, but they have made several cosmetic changes that aren't going over so well. A regular stopped by and reported to EV Grieve and remarked that "it feels like the cast of 'Trading Spaces' has been hard at work. Frank, not Hildi," and that "one of the area’s last remaining gay bars has been transformed into a lesbian brunch fantasy that probably should have been left in Cherry Grove or possibly in the dorm room of the Sarah Lawrence fantasy from whence it came." Oof. On the bright side, the new owners refurbish the floor and got rid of the old vomit smell.
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The Phoenix

447 E. 13th St., New York, NY