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Butter Team Rumored To Take Over Maritime Hotel Spaces

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Here is a juicy piece of gossip to brighten your Labor Day week. Multiple sources report that the Butter group of Scott Sartiano, Richie Akiva and Ronnie Madra are negotiating with Eric Goode and Sean Macpherson to take over and operate the Hiro Ballroom and Cabana area of the Maritime Hotel. A hotel insider confirmed the rumor, saying that the two parties have been in discussion over the space but were unaware if anything had officially been signed.

If the deal is pulled off, it would be a major coup for Team Butter. The Cabana area is one of the neighborhood's largest outdoor party spots, the Hiro Ballroom has always been underutilized, and it would a be way to continue to extend their portfolio without having to go through the onerous licensing process. It would also make the Butter team's major competitors majorly jealous, as one told us that they "would love that Hiro space."

It would also be a big departure for Goode and Macpherson, who normally prefer to handle all of their food and beverage operations internally, except for the Jane Ballroom. One also wonders if they are going to look for management deals at some of their other venues, such as the Park, which has long been coveted by operators for its location and has fallen off the radar these past few years.
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Hiro Ballroom

88 9th Ave., New York, NY