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Wikipedia Deletes Page of Famed Chicken and Rice Cart

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On 53rd Street and 6th Avenue, there sits a certain chicken and rice cart. Sometimes referred to a the chicken and rice cart or the 53rd and 6th cart or that cart with the line or, by its proper name Famous Halal Guys, this cart has been attracting lines of Midtown fanatics for years, maybe even decades. They have impostors, they have tote bags, they get media coverage, they win awards. Hell, someone was even killed for cutting in line in 2006. But should they have a Wikipedia page?

Wikipedia certainly doesn't think so. Though a page keeps popping up for the cart under the name "53rd and 6th" (there was once one for "Chicken and Rice"), it has been deleted five times since March 2006, most recently this month, by Wikipedia's ever-vigilant civilian editors. Here'a a thread containing editors' reasons for deletion, where they cite insufficient information, accuse it of being an "extended advertisement for a food vending stand (?)," and simply state, "There is an article about a sidewalk food cart? That is so silly!" Silly? Tell that to the people who stand in line for 40 minutes at 4 AM. Or to the folks who witnessed that falafel-related stabbing.
· 53rd and 6th [Wikipedia]
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Famous Halal Guys

53rd St. and 6th Ave., New York, NY