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Empire Hotel Waitress Tacks On 40% Tip For Kicks

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In the latest adventure of auto tipping gone awry, a waitress at the Empire Hotel Rooftop decides to go for broke by tacking on additional 40% to a $61 check. Our tipster sets the scene, saying "an empty Tuesday night last week, and this horrible cocktail waitress, Margaret, gives herself a ballsy 40% tip. We just signed and didn't notice, because she snuck it in the itemised bill. We didn't leave an additional tip because she had put that "X" on the bottom of receipt. (Very courteous of her to do that, so we knew not to leave additional tip, ha!)" Either it was an innocent mistake or it was quite ballsy on Margaret's part indeed. Maybe the Empire Hotel thinks that glasses of champagne are more difficult to serve, hence the $12 gratuity on service. Or maybe they just thought our tipster was one of those pesky tourists that never leave a tip so they decided to help them out by charging them 40%, because like Steve Cuozzo says, this is New York. Deal with it!

Have you been wrongly charged an automatic tip? Do let us know!
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Empire Hotel

44 West 63rd St., New York, NY