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The Blue Donkey Bar Goes Down With Its Guns Blazing

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The Blue Donkey Bar on the Upper West Side was recently declared a nuisance and was promptly shut down by the NYPD. Following the shutter, The Blue Donkey's owners penned a letter letting everyone know who they blame for their demise, which includes an attack on the neighbor who was their primary antagonist for nearly a decade. From the letter:

There is a man Tim Tomlinson . . . who has spent the last 8 1/2 years complaining to Gale Brewer and Community Board 7 about us. It didn't matter if it was children on the back patio singing 'Happy Birthday' back when we were Homers or adults enjoying a beer, he complained. . . He complained so much about us that the police . . . slapped us with a Nuisance Abatement Case. It means we are a public nuisance. Rather than fight the charges, The Blue Donkey has decided to just give up and close the bar forever, saying that "we accept defeat."
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[Images courtesy of West Side Rag/@DavidJanet]