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Vince and Turtle Hatch a Plan to Bring Don Peppe to LA

As promised, it looks like legendary Queens Italian restaurant Don Peppe is going to play a big part in the new season of Entourage. In a scene from last night's episode, Turtle tells Vince that he's looking to start his own business after losing his girlfriend and getting let go from his job at the tequila company. Here's the conversation:

Turtle: When's the last time you had great baked clams?
Vince: Don Peppe's.
Turtle: I want to bring them out here — get some of the Yanks and the Knicks who eat there involved.
Vince: That's a great idea.
Turtle: I already spoke to them about it. All I need is the money.
The video is below.

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Don Peppe

13558 Lefferts Boulevard, Queens, NY