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Ashley Dupre Cribs Blue Ribbon Menu on Famous Food

Last night, on the craptacular VH1 show Famous Food, in which D-list celebrities attempt to open a restaurant in Los Angeles, famed prostitute Ashley Dupre stayed up all night to create (and laminate!) a new menu filled with dishes like chicken pot pie, frisee salad with poached egg, grilled octopus, truffled mac 'n' cheese, and all kinds of other accessible quasi on-trend options. She explains, "So I've been to like the best restaurants in New York, right? And a lot of these are like what's their signature dishes. Waverly Inn, that's my favorite restaurant in New York, so truffled mac 'n' cheese."

Given the fact she used Blue Ribbon's template, complete with their signature little doodles of chickens, crabs, and pigs, it seems like she spent the night copy and pasting from New York City menus. (But hey, at least she didn't outright plagiarize the entire menu.) For anyone who, for some reason, would like to watch the entire episode—Danielle Staub takes a break to get botox—it's available here.
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