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10 New York Restaurant Missed Connections

Although the dining rooms of the city are filled with many happy couples, they are also inhabited by lovesick diners looking to catch the eye of that special someone. Sometimes, these people take to Craigslist to try and find that guy or girl who they saw from across the dining room, but weren’t able to muster the courage to say something to. Here now are a few restaurant missed connections — perhaps love is on the menu for these lonely people sometime soon.

2011_gemma_missed_connections1.jpg10) BOWERY BOMBSHELLSJOSEPH waiter at GEMMA last Sunday night - m4m: I was pretty shameless about flirting with you last Sunday night. You waited on me and my friend for dinner and recommended the calzone dessert. I asked what your name was before we left. I think you're very sexy. I'd like to flirt with you some more when you are not my waiter.

2011_brinkleys1.jpg9) GASTROLOVE IN A GASTROPUBSaw you in Brinkley's tonight... - m4w: Surrounded by the largest group of obnoxious human beings I've ever seen crammed into one bar. You looked nice though.

2011_rockaway_taco1.jpg8) CHORIZO SCENTED KISSESTo the tall handsome fella at Rockaway Taco weds afternoon 8/24 - m4m - 31: I really wanted to come back and say hello as we were exchanging glances, but I was an hour late for work and I was wearing most of the plantain quesadilla in my braces. You were wearing brownish plaid shorts with flip-flops, dark brown hair, slight beard, mediterranean features and a really cute smile. I'm the guy with the shaved head, black sleeveless T and cut off khaki shorts, sporting a heavy mustache and a short beard. You were with two other guys, I was with a girl... If you're into guys with black beans in their braces, feel free to say hello...

2011_rays_pizza_love1.jpg7) THE THIEF OF HEARTSFrank — I ate your pizza on Houston and ran away. - w4m: I was rude, you were rude in turn. I drunkenly stole a bite of your pizza at some brightly lit pizza shop on Houston and ran away with my friend in my little leather boots, drunk and feeling impish. I said you looked like a douchebag in your work attire. You said I looked like an angel. I thought it was hysterical, continued to make good my escape. You pursued. I finally rewarded you for your efforts with a long kiss goodbye at the Delancey/Essex subway stop. And then ran away yet again. Sorry, taking you home was impossible. What color was my lipstick? Y'know, the one that ended up all over your face? What about my top? My hair? Hm...xo, Ice Princess

2011_romans_cupid1.jpg6) A FORT GREENE FLING—You were having dinner at Roman's Sunday night - m4w - 29 This is a long shot and something I've never tried before, but....You were sitting against the wall, I was at the bar, and we both kept looking at each other. You were eating with a bearded guy and you might have been wearing a white and red dress(?). I was reading a book and trying my best not to keep looking at you. Since you may have been on a date, I didn't see any way to talk to you at the restaurant so... well... here I am on Craigslist. On the off-chance you read this, want to grab a drink in the neighborhood sometime?

2011_Barcade_venus1.jpg5) A BIRTHDAY SURPRISEHaley it was your birthday at Barcade. - m4w (Brooklyn ) We met at Barcade why didn't I get your number slapping my self in the face. You were an amazing and very sexy looking girl. I recommended a beer for you what was it, would love to meet again. Hope you or one of your interesting friends sees this.

2011_northern_spy_food_co1.jpg4) NORTHERN SPY FLIRT CO.—alex at Northern Spy - m4m: Damn are going to drive me nuts. Either stop flirting with me and leave me alone or stop being evasive when i ask you out. I've been wanting to just drag you outside, press you against the wall and plant a big long wet one on your mouth. I don't care if you get in trouble just let me do it.

2011_papaya_king_kiss1.jpg3) HOT DAUGUST NIGHTPapaya King First-Timer - m4w - 25: It was about 6:45, you were in line ahead of me and we shared a glance. You had great energy and fantastic lipstick selection. Unfortunately, PK kind of botched my (red polo) order and by the time they were done you were long gone. Plus the TWC guy wouldn't shut up. I'd like to think I'm above falling in love while I order hot dogs, but I'd love to show you around the neighborhood. In the unlikely event you see this: What did you order?

2011_shake_shack_love1.jpg 2) DANNY'S LOVE SHACKShake Shack: You Liked My Tie - m4w - 50: I'm very happy you liked my tie. I wish I had a chance to talk to you longer but you were working ;(

2011_starbucks_love.jpg1) EUROPEAN DELIGHTTall Austrian Guy at Starbucks - w4m: Hey! I guess the chances of you reading this right now are as slim as the chances of France getting back their currency.. but still, I have a tiny bit of hope. I really enjoyed our two minute conversation, and would love to meet up with you again. If you write me, please reference how we started talking (so I don't confuse you with a different tall Astrian male) :-)

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