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Gage & Tollner Space Loses Arby's, Gains Hot Pink Mess

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Roast beef chain Arby's spent months haggling with the Landmarks Preservation Commission and the neighbors in Downtown Brooklyn to find a way to integrate their illuminated fast food menu and other paraphernalia into the century old, landmarked Gage & Tollner space they ended up occupying for under a year. All the back and forth was for naught though, and now the LPC is furious that a somehow even less suitable tenant—a "schlock jewelry store"—has moved into the ancient space, covering the place with hot pink partitions, pink flags, and giant emblems. "They’ve basically desecrated this once-beautiful building," a not over-reacting neighbor tells the Post.

Last week, the new store Ladies & Gents was told to remove neon pink partitions they erected over the old walls, or risk being fined $5,000 and potentially $250 a day by the Landmarks Commission.

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Ladies & Gents

372 Fulton St., Brooklyn, NY

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