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Club Promoter Plans Hollywood Film About Club Promoter

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What happens when a nightlife promoter who dreams of Hollywood stardom finds out that nightlife connections really don't get you that far in Tinsletown? If you are Danny “Danny A” Abeckaser, the nightlife maven and fledgling actor who has been stuck with cameos and bit parts in his quest for stardom, you make his own darn movie set in the nightlife world.

Logline: A Jewish club promoter makes it big in the nightlife world but still has time to balance family and faith. Now if that's not a film that hits all four quadrants, we're not sure what is. And just to make sure the film is as successful as some of his nightlife projects (Upstairs anyone?), Danny wrote and will star in the movie himself. A real double threat! Look for Life in theaters in 2073.
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