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Bobby Flay, Scott Conant, and Don Peppe on Entourage

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There were a lot of NYC restaurant world cameos on last night's episode of Entourage: Bobby Flay's romantic dinner date with Ari Gold's wife was interrupted by a visit from the super agent, who said, "I gotta new show for you, it's called Boy Meets Husband Who Kills Him." Turtle had a meeting with the team from Don Peppe to discuss their plans bring the Queens red sauce joint out to LA (they were more interested in getting celebrity autographs). And, Scott Conant had a blink-and-you-missed-it appearance in a scene at Scarpetta Beverly Hills.

Bobby Flay and Ari Gold:

Turtle Meets with the Don Peppe Team:

Scott Conant's Cameo:

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Don Peppe

13558 Lefferts Boulevard, Queens, NY

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