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New York Nightclubs Raking In The Dough

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A website called Bundle poured through data of consumer spending at nightclubs nationwide and came up with a list of "the Most Expensive Nightclubs in America" by determining the average amount of each customer's tab. Call us crazy, but looking at the average customer tab doesn't really make a club expensive, it just means that the venue is good at getting customers to spend money. You could buy 100 $4 beers or 1 $400 bottle of vodka and get to the same place at the end of the day. Despite our nitpicking, the listicle should make Mike Satsky and Brian Gefter very happy, since Lily Pond (RIP!) and Provocateur rank #1 and #2 respectively. However, it's not clear how much stock you should put in a list that includes the Griffin, which somehow got customers to spend more money on average than Avenue and 1OAK but went out of business, or a place called Umbrella Lounge, which apparently is in New York City.
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