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Cupcake Stop's Mall Deal; Papaya King Has Papaya Problem

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WILLIAMSBURG—Eden's a pizzeria just off the Bedford strip in Williamsburg will soon be open 24 hours a day. It's one of the only businesses in the neighborhood to open 24/7, a testament to how big the nightlife scene in the area has gotten. [Here's Williamsburg]

EXPANSIONSCupcake Stop, the cupcake truck that gained popularity then went brick and mortar and then went back to being truck-only, is heading to the mall. They'll open up a kiosk, where the cupcakes will be displayed like jewelry, in a mall on Staten Island in October, and if all goes well, they could end up in malls across the country. [Crain's]

UPPER WEST SIDE— The owner of 80 year-old Papaya King reveals that it's a bad time to sell papayas. A Salmonella outbreak associated with fresh papayas from Mexico has forced them to source their papaya from Hawaii and use puree instead of fresh fruit. [NRN]

LOWER EAST SIDE—The owner of Woodward Gallery on Eldridge between Broome and Delancey is planning on opening a new cafe in the old Panade space at 132 Eldridge Street. [TLD]
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