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Hurricane Irene Can't Stop the Final Weekend of M. Wells

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This is the last weekend for wildly popular Québécoise diner M. Wells, and owners Hugue Dufour and Sarah Obraitis are not throwing in the towel early because of that stupid tropical cyclone that's headed our way. Their farewell meals will keep rolling today with their regular brunch starting at 10 AM and a big blowout dinner tonight at 8 PM called "M. Wells and Fedora," where Dufour will reunite with his old Au Pied de Cochon pal Mehdi Brunet-Benkritly, the chef of Fedora in the West Village.

They're preparing a feast using meats from Madani Halal, a goat, lamb, and poultry processing plant in Queens. The dinner is sold out, but the team expects cancellations, so if you want to hoof it to Long Island City in the rain tonight and you have $200 to spare, call them at (718) 425-6917 or e-mail

From a newsletter sent out last night:

As if to accent our grand finale in a Big Way, Mother Nature’s got an exciting weekend planned for us....We are going to weather this storm and we want you to also. Unless one of us - or the diner itself - gets washed into the East River, we will be open this weekend. Public transportation may not exist so we encourage hitchhiking. Your fearlessness will be well rewarded.
They're also doing brunch on Sunday and lunch and dinner on Tuesday, and then it's all over, at least for now. Stay tuned to Eater today and tomorrow for more info on what restaurants will be open during Hurricane Irene.
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M. Wells Diner

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M. Wells

21-17 49th Ave., Long Island City, NY 11101

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