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Flash Mob Picnic Diner en Blanc Will Go on Rain or Shine

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Tweet via @racheline_m

The Parisian organizers of Diner en Blanc, a one night only event in which thousands of people descend on a public space wearing white for a tightly organized but seemingly impromptu picnic, have had to overcome a number of obstacles to put on tonight's festivities, including but not limited to New York City red tape, a screwed up online ticketing system, and mobs of angry would-be attendees spamming their Facebook page with complaints. But the one obstacle that will have the most significant effect on the event is tonight's forecast: "Scattered thunderstorms this evening with a few showers possible late. A few storms may be severe. Low near 70F. Winds SW at 10 to 15 mph."

The dinner will continue, rain or shine, leading one apt attendee to tweet: "Getting concerned that with storms predicted for this evening, Diner en Blanc is going to turn into one big wet T-shirt contest." Here's hoping those skies clear up come dinnertime.
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