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Seeking Reader Submissions to Celebrate the Little Guy

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We get some flak around these parts for obsessing over the big guns of the restaurant industry. Your Changs, your Carmellinis, your Bouluds, your Meyers. The places that win the awards, have the full reservation books, are heavily bankrolled, and pay top dollar for PR. So for the rest of August, we're bringing back a feature from the last couple of summers called You May Also Enjoy, where we highlight little known neighborhood gems, places that aren't necessarily secret, but also aren't over covered. It's similar to Dining Confidential but all suggestions come from the crowd. Have a favorite oddball little restaurant? An overlooked refuge? Tell us about it. And we'll post our favorites on Eater.

And please, owners, chefs, chefs' cousins, PR flacks—let's keep this on the up and up.
· 2011 and 2009 Installments of You May Also Enjoy [~ENY~]

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