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San Gennaro Festival to Go Full-On Gourmet This Year

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In yet another sign that restaurateurs can't resist the the siren song of a gourmet pop-up or street market, some of the hottest commodities in the food world are delving into the oft-derided and in some parts divisive street festival San Gennaro. The yearly fall festival, which led to a months-long spat within Little Italy this spring, is getting an injection of high end eats courtesy of the boys at Torrisi Italian Specialties, the Robs report. Last year, the Mulberry Street restaurant opened a stand serving wok-fried mozzarella sticks, and this year they've brought on Rubirosa, L'Artusi, Frankies Spuntino, The Breslin, Stellina, and Gabe Stulman's restaurants. And wd~50's Wylie Dufresne, who is opening a sandwich shop called BYGGYZ with his father Dewey next year, will serve a braised short rib sandwich and an ice cream sandwich.

If all goes well, maybe the trendy Nolitans will give the festival organizers a break next spring. Though who knows how the traditional zeppole and cannoli vendors will react to this "gourmetification" of their territory.
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Torrisi Italian Specialties

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San Gennaro Festival

248 Mulberry St., New York, NY