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Public Sex is Rampant in Restaurants, Says Post

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"Tableside naughtiness is so widespread, the issue’s no longer whether you’ve had a dalliance at an NYC eatery; it’s when, where and how," says the Post this morning. The article, which includes a handful of anonymous New Yorkers who claim to have "sucked face" in back rooms, gotten down and dirty under tablecloths, and had sex in bathrooms, also features lines like these:

· "Hot and crazy sex is a key ingredient to the good life — the only thing people drop faster than their inhibitions after a bottle of wine is their pants."

· "Dean...admits to sliding down his slacks during a date last month at Erminia Ristorante on the Upper East Side, for a little hanky-panky under fettuccine."

· "Flirting with the dangers of getting caught infuses restaurant sex with the nostalgic flavor of frenching in your high school BF’s hatchback after curfew."

· "Sadly, restaurant sex doesn’t always have such a, ahem, happy ending."

Restaurant sex, not just for sex bloggers anymore.
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