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The American Psycho Guide to New York Restaurants

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Photo via Scouting New York

Speaking of restaurants of the late 1980's, how about a little walk down memory lane courtesy of the Bret Easton Ellis novel and eventual film American Psycho? Scouting New York has an extremely thorough run down of every venue mentioned in the novel (many names were changed for the film), what happened to them, and why they were of note when Ellis penned the book in 1991. It includes the Harvard and Yale Clubs and the Four Seasons but also long gone hotspots of yore like Nell's, Texarkana, Tunnel, Arcadia, and Arizona 206. Don't look for Dorsia, though. That restaurant was fictional.
· Patrick Bateman’s New York: What Happened To The World of American Psycho [Scouting New York]

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