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Curtis Brown and Dov Charney Team Up For The Cardinal

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The Local East Village learns that chef (and former musician) Curtis Brown has left the kitchen of Bubby's Tribeca to open an Alphabet City restaurant called The Cardinal. This new casual spot will serve mostly southern food with an emphasis on barbecue, but perhaps the most interesting thing about this project is that one of its investors is none other than Dov Charney, of American Apparel fame.

Brown met Charney through Leanne Hebert-Nguyen, the front-of-the house partner at the restaurant, who used to work at American Apparel. It sounds like Dov won't be very involved with the day-to-day operations. Brown notes: "He’ll be here opening night— that kind of situation. And he gives us any support he can, helping us find stuff like light fixtures for the restaurant.” The Cardinal is slated to open in two weeks.
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The Cardinal

234 E 4th Street, New York, NY 10009 212 995 8600 Visit Website

The Cardinal

234 East Fourth Street, New York, NY