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Reader Shitshow (Re)Nominations: At Vermilion

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Throughout Shitshow Week, we have been asking readers for personal stories and nominations. And someone (smart guess is an ex-employee) has a serious rant for Shitshow Week veteran At Vermilion. Some excerpts below:

I am trying to summarize in my head every reason why they should be chosen again for shitshow 2011, and here are some of the ones I can come up with now:

· The parade of managers and event coordinators going in and out is still astounding. There has not been a GM that has worked there for more than 8 months. Apparently some have even lasted only 2 weeks, and just quit by email or phone call. They have already been through more than a dozen GM's in less than 3 years of existence, and about the same number of event coordinators.

· To add insult to injury not only are the numbers low, but over half the people that go there to eat are only there because they have one of their numerous groupon offers, which pretty much is now the core base of all their clientele.

· For groupon they are offering a terrible 5 course tasting menu where they basically charge $120 for a menu that is pretty much some of the cheapest ingredients you can find.

· Because they lack any real serious reviews from any respectable publication in NY, they have decided to decorate their walls in the lounge and advertise in ALL their menus, comment cards, dessert menus, etc the few good reviews that the original Vermilion in Chicago got back in like 2006 as their own! I especially loved when the waiter gave me the spiel once and said their lobster dish was chosen by USA Today as one of the 10 best dishes IN THE WORLD.

· Lightbulbs out everywhere, tables scratched, tablecloths dirty, walls all scratched and peeling, the wood floors are coming off on several places, etc. The signs outside are missing letters, as can be seen in this article.

· The staff constantly complain of getting paid late. The kitchen staff is not getting paid for any overtime and receiving personal checks as payment.

· And finally at the bar things are not better. A friend was there recently for an event with their banking company and pretty much said it was chaotic to say the least. They ran out of beer withing 30 minutes of starting the event, and even went as far as seeing everyone behind the bar just grabbing ice with their bare hands to put in the glasses, because apparently no one could find an ice scoop. And you would think they'd use real lemon juice for their cocktails? Of course not, they use the nasty green plastic bottled stuff you get at any supermarket.

A different (or the same!) reader chimes in with this comment after the Shitshow Week Starter Kit posting.
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At Vermilion

480 Lexington Ave., New York, NY

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