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Starbucks Williamsburg Rumors Persist as Blackbird

Update: Neighbors told Eater the restaurant had been closed (Twitter confirmed), and at time of publication the phone line was disconnected, but as of Friday August 19, the restaurant is back open. Turns out it's under new ownership. Our apologies for the confusion.

According to a couple of Bedford Ave. sources, Blackbird Parlour, the cute, rustic coffee shop, restaurant, and live jazz spot Bedford L train has been shuttered for the last couple of days, and its phone is disconnected. Says one tipster of the future tenant, "Rumors of Starbucks...but that's always the rumor in Williamsburg." It is, actually. The coffee chain was most recently rumored for The Bagel Store space on North 3rd St. Those rumors were mostly debunked, but a 'Bucks coming to Bedford is just too juicy a rumor to let die. Probably because it's so inevitable.

In tangentially related news, Eater hears the Bagel Store is eying a spot on Bedford and South 4th, just a short walk from the original, but they haven't gone public with the news.
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[Photo via Girl in the Burg]

Blackbird Parlor

197 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, NY