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Fourth Time's a Charm as Dans le Noir Snags New Location

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Looks like they wrote this sign in the dark too.

Last May, signage alerted Flatiron residents that Dans Le Noir, a dark dining concept from Paris, would open soon on East 21st St. Then in August, they decided on the old Tonic East space in the Lower East Side instead. A few months later, the owners found themselves at a Community Board 1 meeting for a new space on Franklin Street. And now signage is up announcing Dans Le Noir's fall arrival at a former Andrew's Coffee Shop on West 38th St.

If the plans remain the same, they will serve a $65 prix fixe, ask diners to check anything with a light (phones) in a locker beforehand, have diners enter the room via a conga line, and bar each person from drinking more than half a bottle of wine. Also there are panic buttons. Perhaps tourist-laden Midtown is a better fit for this spot after all.
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Dans Le Noir

246 W 38th Street, New York, NY 10018

Dans le Noir

246 W 38th St., New York, NY