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Test Your Level of Restaurant Snobbery With Eater's Quiz

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Think you know a lot about New York dining? Take Eater's New York Restaurant Snobbery Quiz and find out just where you rank on the know-it-all scale.

2011_torrisi_quiz1.jpg1) How many times have you been to Torrisi Italian Specialties?
A) Never been.
B) 1 - 23 times.
C) I'm there right now, actually. Rich and Mario say hi.

2011_balth_brunch1.jpg2) I think brunch is...
A) ...great! Eating with my friends on the weekend is fun.
B) ...sometimes a good idea, but only if you go in your neighborhood and don't have to wait too long. And Balthazar is still a classic.
C) ...a pointless meal. I can make bacon and eggs at home and save myself $16. New Yorkers are such sheep.

2011_brooklyn_fare1.jpg3) What is "Brooklyn Fare" ?
A) A grocery store in Downtown Brooklyn.
B) A two Michelin star restaurant.
C) The church of St. Caesar Ramirez.

2011_mexican_food1.jpg4) The best Mexican restaurant in New York is:
A) Dos Caminos.
B) Suenos, Empellon, or Toloache.
C) This combination bodega/taqueria behind a Hollywood Video in Rego Park. You should go, they make the best chilaquiles.

5) What do you see in this painting?:
A) A butterfly.
B) Delicious spring lamb chops.
C) Cliche upon cliche. It was interesting when Paul Liebrandt did it at Gilt in 2007, but nowadays any CIA student with access to tweezers and a squirt bottle can whip up something like that.

2011_the_shake_shack1.jpg6) The Shake Shack is?:
A) ...great.
B) ...awesome.
C) ...good, but LaFrieda gets too much hype.

2011_m.wells_snobbery_quiz1.jpg7) Have you been to M. Wells yet?
A) No, not yet.
B) Yes, it was great.
C) Yup, and it was way better before everyone else found out about it. July 2010 was a time to be alive, my friend.

2011_tom_colicchio1.jpg8) Tom Colicchio is:
A) The host of Top Chef.
B) The owner of the Craft family of restaurants.
C) The chef who worked at Gramercy Tavern during its golden age.

2011_ferran_adria1.jpg9) How do you spell the name of the Ferran Adria restaurant that just closed?
A) I'm not quite sure what you mean
B) El Bulli
C) elbulli

2011_lucky_peach12.jpg10) Momofuku is...
A) ...really busy!
B) ...still a treat, and a great place to take out of towers.
C) ...overhyped, overrated, and maybe just over in general. That being said, the Bo Ssam I had last night was killer, and Ko has some really interesting dishes at lunch these days. I keep hearing great things about the wine list at Ma Peche (haven't been back since the spring), and it's never hard to find three people to go in on that Noodle Bar fried chicken. But yeah, TOTALLY F*CKING OVERRATED.

2011_forkplate1.jpgThe best dining city in the world is:
A) New York
B) New York
C) Copenhagen

As are worth one point, Bs are worth two, and Cs are worth three.
10-15: You are not a restaurant obsessive.
16 -19: You must eat out quite a bit.
20-25: Wow, you really know your stuff!
26-30: You are probably the anonymous Michelin inspector.

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