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Central Park Boathouse Staff Stages Surprise Walkout

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Yesterday, visitors to the Central Park Boathouse were greeted by a horde of staff members holding up signs protesting alleged labor violations by restaurateur Dean Poll. Dozens of the employees were scheduled to work that day, and they were joined by a group of former staff members who had been fired by Poll in the past.

The strike was an effort to get Poll to negotiate with the hotel union, which represents the workers, and to encourage the city to cancel his contract with the Parks Department. Most of the charges that are being investigated are related to employees who claim that they were fired for supporting the union. In a statement, Poll's lawyer notes:

While The Boathouse management respects the employees who came to work and walked off the job, this walkout is yet another vindictive tactic by Hotel Trades Council President Peter Ward, who wrongly blames Dean Poll for the fact that Tavern on the Green remains closed.
As you may recall, the Poll-operated Tavern on the Green shuttered following a similar dispute last year.
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Central Park Boathouse Cafe

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