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The Early Word on Soho Pizza Newcomer Piazza 17

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Opening up a pizza shop in the heart of New York isn't a particularly original concept, and opening one that stays around long enough to make something of itself is a whole other challenge entirely. Piazza 17, which recently opened along the ultra-crowded Petrosino Square (its immediate neighbors include La Esquina, Osteria Morini, and Ed's Lobster Bar, not to mention Rubirosa, virtually a block away), doesn't do too much to change the game, serving pizzas Roman-style (square, Sicilian-esque slices) along with classic Italian appetizers and pastas, but there may be something there. Can it survive in the flooded New York pizza scene? Let's find out:

The Good News: Most of the Yelp reviews of the place are positive (with the two negative reviews looking somewhat sketchy). One reviewer notes, "Service was excellent and the pizza was served fresh and hot! I had two square Sicilian slices and they were sooo good. Definitely going back again. The space is quaint and a little tight but it looks like they are making it work. A welcome addition to Nolita." [Yelp]

The Non-Pizza News: Another Yelper happened upon Piazza 17 after leaving La Esquina, and according to her, the rest of the menu is pretty good, too: "...It was the perfect bite -- I had the hummus and black olive bruschetta and the dolce salad -- yum yum and YUM! AND they make the hummus in-house. Can't wait until they get their liquor license so my friends and i can meet up for drinks here!" [Yelp]

The Disappointing News: The lone reviewer on Metromix gives the place two out of five stars overall, and manages to ramble into a brief review. "So needed a pizza fix so tried Piazza 17 but was let down by the experience here. Lots of hype without the substance." The only highlight: four stars for ambiance. [Metromix]

The Okay News: Slice isn't exactly singing the praises of a Piazza 17 slice, but it apparently is a "pretty good deal" that's worth returning for. "This square slice (Prosciutto, Eggplant & Mozzarella) cost $3, and it's substantial enough to be lunch. We've had Roman-style pizza that's much thinner than this; here, it's something more like a skinny Sicilian. The crust isn't the reason to get a slice, though it's fine: buoyant and chewy, not doughy or heavy, with a good bit of char on the bottom. It's loaded with mozzarella and tomato, paper-thin slices of eggplant and potato, and quite a lot of prosciutto, which is thin and chewable, its fatty bits crisping up on the edges. Greasy and hefty, it's not the most refined pizza you've ever had, but for $3, we got quite a good lunch out of it. We'd go back to try more." [Slice]

The Bad News: The lone Zagat commenter is not blown away: "Not good. We went twice just to be fair but were let down both times. Oh well." [Zagat]

—Alex Ma
[Photo via Thrillist]

Piazza 17

17 Cleveland Pl., New York, NY

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