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Strange French Flash Mob Feast to Invade New York

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Over the last couple years, it's seemed the French are obsessed with bringing their festivals and events to New York. Last month marked the third annual Omnivore fest, where French and other international chefs pair up with New York talent to cook a series of dinners and host cooking demos. A strikingly similar festival Le Fooding, goes down once again this September.

And now we have Dîner en Blanc, making its NYC debut on August 25. Dîner en Blanc is basically a giant 10,000 person DIY dinner party that takes place in different Parisian public spaces every year. Organizers choose heads of tables who invite select friends. On the night of the dinner, the secret location is revealed to all attendees, who descend on the space with tables, silverware, glasses, tablecloths, wine, and food. And everyone wears white. This year's dinners in Paris took place at the Lourve plaza and in front of Notre Dame, but it seems unlikely that the bureaucracy of New York will offer a permit for an equally lofty setting (or if we even realistically have one). McCarren Park in the middle of the track or Governor's Island sounds likely.

Want to pack a picnic and eat in a public space wearing white? The waitlist is here. But make sure not to break the rules. The organizer tells the Times, "Any guest who doesn’t respect the rules of behavior will be put on a blacklist and never invited back again."
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