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Worker at Shamed Fu Sushi Chases Down Post Photog

Over the weekend, a Neighborhoodr tipster wrote in to report that Fu Sushi, an aptly named East Village sushi spot, was open for business after racking up 99 violation points from the Health Department on June 23. They simply obscured the bright yellow sticker and opened after 6 PM, when they figured no inspector would come (though, it should be noted that inspectors regularly make visits at night). An EV Grieve reader corroborated the story.

As anyone who follows Ray's Candy Store knows, the DOH levies huge fines to businesses that stay open after receiving a failing letter grade, and the owner of Fu already had to pay $7,000 in fines after the June 23 inspection.

The best tidbit though, comes from the Post write up today, wherein an employee chases their photographer down the street for trying to take pictures of the restaurant. It's definitely not a fun summer for Fu.
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Fu Sushi

182 Avenue B, New York, NY