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LES Crackdown Wire

2011_07_culturefixsmall.jpgCultureFix may have won their initial battle with the NYPD, but the two parties still continue to butt heads. Following the mega riot between the NYPD and Smiff and Wessum concert goers, CultureFix owner Ari Stern tells the Village Voice that "the police and intelligence division all came out of the woodwork to harass us, asking when Smif N Wessun was going to perform at Culturefix." Stern, who chose to fight NYPD allegations of underage drinking rather than settling, replied "never" and provided them with a scheduled list of events that amazingly did not include any performances by S&W or other rap acts, but says the bar is continually visited by the NYPD with what he describes as "thuggish intimidation." This must be what happens when you fight City Hall. [Village Voice]