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The New York Dining and Nightlife Crossword Puzzle

Print out the puzzle to fill in the answers.
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3) McNally's first restaurant
5) Brooklyn's "not so fast" fast food restaurant
7) Fatback, cured with herbs and spices
8) A refreshing Italian wine cocktail
9) Slow cookery
12) The king of Bay Area-style Burritos in NYC
13) The East Village's favorite 24 hour restaurant
14) Sue Torres's dream of a restaurant
15) Dim sum pro and restaurateur
17) The only dessert served at The Mermaid Inn
18) Montreal-style smoked meat, in Brooklyn

1) A recent, high-profile super flop
2) Hollow spaghetti
4) Alec Baldwin's favorite pizzeria
6) Williamsburg red sauce legend
10) Mandy Oser's wine bar
11) The latest from Gabe Stulman
16) A dumpling that is famously served at The Spotted Pig

Check back tomorrow afternoon, when we'll post the answers.

UPDATE: [Click here for the answers.]

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