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Some New York Nightlife Fashion Do's And Don'ts

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Do you stare into your closet on a Friday night wondering which of your outfits will be the one to help get you past the velvet rope and into New York's hottest clubs? Thankfully the New York Times Styles Section is here to put a bit more certainty into your fashion choices with a mega piece on the not so secret dress codes of various hot spots. The owners of hot spots like the Mulberry Project, South Pointe and Provocateur practically foam at the mouth to explain the looks they won't allow in their venues, and rather than have you risk the embarrassment that being rejected in front of your friends would bring, we've taken their advice and created this handy gallery of some fashion do's and don'ts that will guarantee you never have a problem getting in again. · Dress Codes in New York Clubs: Will This Get Me In? [NYT]
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The Mulberry Project

149 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 10013 Visit Website