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Le Poisson Rouge Charges More For Ice AND No Ice!

The controversial practice of restaurants and bars charging more for drinks served on the rocks takes an interesting turn at Le Poisson Rouge, the nightclub and performance space in the Village. A reader reports:

Fun night out to see Anna Calvi at Le Poisson Rouge last night. Opened a tab. Casually checked the total, $72 for 7 drinks, really? Le Poisson Rouge has upped the ante to a 3 buck charge just for the privilege of ordering liquor. Ice or no ice, it all costs extra apparently.
At first we thought that maybe it was the choice of spirit (Glenlivet 12) that caused the upcharge for the drink served neat and on the rocks, but since the drink is specifically listed on the receipt that seems unlikely. And since they charge the same $3 extra for a drink served both neat and on the rocks, LPR cannot claim that the additional charge is for a bigger pour like other places claim.

So why not just charge customers $15 $16 for the drink if they order it neat, on the rocks, or poured directly in their mouths. Your thoughts are welcome in the comments.

UPDATE: A manager tells Eater: Our standard drink pour is 1.5 oz. However when a drink is poured neat or on the rocks it's a 2 oz pour. So the $3 charge is for the additional .5 oz. So by our prices the half ounce is actually a cheap upsell. You gain 1/3 of the amount of alcohol, for less than a 1/3 price upcharge. The receipt may look strange, but every bar in this city that gives additional alcohol for a straight drink does an upcharge whether it is neat or on the rocks.

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Le Poisson Rouge

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