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Sifton Impersonates Banker, Architect to Try LA's LudoBites

Here, Krissy Lefebvre, wife of chef and pop-up maestro Ludo Lefebvre, tells Food Republic about the subterfuge employed by Times critic Sam Sifton to gain access to their impossible to get into 007 dinner earlier this month:

The funniest part of the story with him was he had gone through three people to get a table. [Sifton] was supposed to be some high-ranking person at Chase. The person who got it for him told us he was this big-time person who we needed to know if we were ever going to open a restaurant in New York...we told them that for a table of four people they should order the whole menu — 12 or 13 dishes. So they get through the savory courses and I bring them the cheese plate and he says he can’t do the cheese plate or dessert. And I ask him why and he said he was full. And I tell him he’s a wimp.

At the end of the night the husband and wife duo ask for advice on how to refinance their mortgage (no word on how he answered) thinking the least this banker could do in exchange for the resy is offer some financial advice.

He came in again the next night "through the same amount of favors and us re-arranging some people’s schedules" pretending to be a major architect.
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[Photo: Sifton as Donald Trump via Eat Me Daily]