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Provocateur To NYC: Smell You In Three Weeks

Provocateur operators Michael Satsky and Brian Gefter were without a summer outpost this year after their Hamptons landlord decided not to renew their Lily Pond lease and gave the space away to their nightlife rivals, leaving them stuck in New York for the summer. Rather than allow their precious club to be populated with the type of people that brave the New York City summers, Satsky and Gefter have decided to shut their MePa club down until August 16 and go where their oh so amazing European clientele is summering by hosting a series of pop up nights in Ibiza. In a strange way, you have to admire a club that would rather not even open its doors at all then let in its non European clients, but not surprising from a club that doesn't like short girls and strives to keep its COCE rating below 1%.

When they do finally return from their Spanish getaway, Satsky and Gefter will open a Champagne bar in the Gansevoort Park hotel lobby. The space was originally planned as a prohibition style speakeasy, but those plans were scrapped when the hotel signed its management deal with the Provocateur team.
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18 9th Ave., New York, NY