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Neighbors Make Stink About Bubby's Smelly Sidewalk

A group of neighbors in Tribeca have been raising quite the stink over Bubby's smelly sidewalk, going so far as to make up posters and flyers to stick around the neighborhood (see right). One neighbor tells Tribeca Citizen, "They’ve been clearing their trash in a way that smears the stuff all over the sidewalk and street. Then they clean it with bleach and smear the smell further and further. It smells like a slaughterhouse on the south side of N. Moore Street..." Owner Ron Silver admits that the sidewalk is stinky, but blames the garbage trucks that crush their garbage right in front of the restaurant, causing nasty spillage, noting "we are battling the best we can on our own."

Readers may recall that those Tribecans are awfully sensitive when it comes to malodorous sidewalks. Duane Street resident Robert Curtis recently sued David Bouley for the "seeping black ooze" in front of his Bouley Studio. One Tribeca Citizen reader goes so far as to suggest that the Health Department start taking sidewalk cleanliness into consideration when grading a restaurant.
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