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Yelp Refuses to Remove Fake Review of Anella

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Blair Papagni, the owner of Greenpoint restaurant Anella, writes in a little peeved today. Recently, a user named James D. penned a negative review of the restaurant on Yelp, but the review seems to be a for a dinner that never happened. He writes:

First off, its a 75 dollar flat fee to sit down in this place. I ordered the Pork Ravioli. First off, is this a restaurant for anorexics? because the portion sizes are for hobbits. How did it taste? BLEH! it tasted OK.... just ok. I mean, for 75 bucks a pop and with such a nice ambiance of the place, one would think the food would match the caliber of this restaurant.
My date had the pork ragu (gotta love a girl who likes pork)... that is, if there was any pork in there...heed my words and do NOT step into this greedy deception they call a restaurant
The restaurant does not cost $75 a head to sit down, and they do not serve pork ravioli (see the current menu here). However, they are hosting a beer and pork dinner on August 2 that costs $75 a head plus wine, and that menu includes the ravioli as one of its courses. So either James D. is time traveling, or the post is a very unusual fabrication.

Papagni, who has a history of tussling with Yelpers, asked Yelp to remove the post, but they responded with "since it appears to reflect the personal experience and opinions of the reviewer, we’ve decided to leave it intact."
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