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The Movement Is Mobile: Legalize Cachaça


Help Legalize Cachaça! No, that's not a street name for marijuana. It’s that distinctly fruity, uniquely smooth Brazilian spirit, made from freshly pressed cane juice and delivered to your delicious caipirinha by way of our good friends at Leblon. And it’s time to spread the word and protest the false classification of cachaça as “Brazilian rum.”
As part of its plan to inform the masses of this devilishly versatile drink, Leblon has enlisted a fleet of lounges on wheels, known to spontaneously host pop-up sidewalk foosball tournaments, to travel around the city and spoil us with caipirinha-flavored sorbet (as long as you promise to sign the Legalize Cachaça petition). Find the truck nearest you by following Leblon on twitter @legalizecachaca.
This revolution won't be televised, but head to Leblon's Facebook page to browse photos from the trucks. The movement is mobile, don't miss it! >>