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Le Cirque at 36: A Chef and Restaurateur Family Tree

Branch by branch, Eater will attempt to map out the vast NYC restaurant world family tree, starting with the essential Le Cirque branch.

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Over the last 36 years, Sirio Maccioni's fine dining bastion Le Cirque has launched the careers of some of New York's most talented chefs. Here's look at the Le Cirque bloodline, in the form of a family tree. This is not an exhaustive record of every cook who has spent time in the Le Cirque kitchen — to keep things manageable, we've only included chefs who became restaurateurs, with establishments that are still open, or were open very recently. With 27 chefs, and 53 restaurants, this is still just one branch of a very large New York dining tree. But take a look around — you might be surprised to see that some of your favorite New York restaurants have Le Cirque DNA.
— Research by Caitlin Abruzzo and Alex Ma
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Le Cirque

151 East 58th Street, New York, NY 10022 Visit Website

Le Cirque

151 East 58th St., New York, NY