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Welcome Eater Atlanta, Dallas & Houston to the Dancefloor!


It's a pleasure to announce three new members of the Eater universe: Please say hello to Eater Atlanta, Eater Dallas, and Eater Houston! This expansion spree is part of what we're calling Eater's Southern Swing.

Eater Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston aim to serve as the go-to sites for the extensive coverage of the restaurant, nightlife, and bar scene coverage for which Eater is known. Along with Eater Miami and Eater Austin, they expand Eater's coverage of the Southern U.S. These new sites join the stable of Eater websites — Eater National, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Miami, Washington, DC, Austin, Seattle, and Chicago.

Friends, run, do not walk, to check them out. Oh, and don't think we're done with our regional expansion just yet. The year is long, and we're priming future Eater markets as you read these very words. Buckle in.
· Eater Atlanta [-E-]
· Eater Dallas [-E-]
· Eater Houston [-E-]